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Innovative – Interactive – Instructor Lead

The Pipeline Safety Leadership program has specific scenarios, conditions, and environments in which industry operates every day.

The program is packed with real-life examples explored through engaging videos, role-play exercises, interactive activities and provocative discussion topics to convey the power of culture on safety performance. With an emphasis on personal accountability and incident prevention, the training provides leaders at all levels insight into their role in influencing the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that drive culture.

The first and only program of its kind, the Pipeline Safety Leadership Program provides a consistent approach to training that will reshape the way safety is managed across the industry.

Pipeline Safety Leadership Training

  • 5 Training Modules
    • Each module focuses on one facet of each safety topic.
  • 24 Training Sessions
    • Designed to be trained in 30-60 minutes.
  • Video Interviews
    • Engaging interviews on real job sites with real pipeliners.
  • Flexible Training Format
    • Sessions can be trained back-to-back or over time.

Safety Program Outline

Module 1: Leading a Safety Culture

  • What is Safety Culture?
  • How a Leader Impacts Culture
  • How a Foreman’s Daily Decisions Impact Safety Culture
  • How a Leader Encourages Teamwork
  • The Impact of Incidents and Injuries on our Business

Module 2: Safety Accountability

  • What is Safety Accountability?
  • Define and Plan for Safe Work
  • Train to Ensure Work is Performed Safely
  • Measure Safe Work Procedures
  • Coaching Effectively

Module 3: Effective Communication

  • Setting Safety Expectations
  • Your Communication Style and its Impact
  • Speaking Up Promotes a Positive Safety Culture
  • Listening Up Promotes a Positive Safety Culture

Module 4: Risk Tolerance

  • What does it mean to Tolerate Risk?
  • Factors that Influence our Tolerance of Risk
  • Managing Daily Risk
  • Choose to Reduce Risk

Module 5: Hazard Recognition

  • After Mandatory Compliance is Met, Conditions may Change
  • Proactive & Preventative Thinking
  • Engaging Employees in Controlling Hazards

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